Cheering on Our Cheetahs

With pom poms waving and sporting our bold school colors, the Challenge Prep Cheerleaders are a key group of scholars that energetically express our school pride. Going beyond the physical aspects of cheerleading, our program is one of the ways CPCS intentionally helps to boost confidence and to help create lifelong leaders amongst our scholars. The 2018-19 squad consists of 17 bright ladies that were selected not just based on their skills but also on their academics. The squad has helped to create energy and team spirit at a number of events throughout the year, including cheering our basketball team on to a winning season.

Coach Hargrove and the 2018-19 Cheer Squad

Coach Hargrove and the 2018-19 Cheer Squad

We caught up with cheer Coach and Mentor, Ms. Adrian Hargrove, to talk to her about the squad and their growth this year. She explained her role and focus for this thriving after school program.

“It is truly a pleasure to coach and mentor such a wonderful group of young ladies. They make coaching and mentoring such an amazing experience for me. I can recall cheerleading being an outlet for me to express myself and practice self love. Cheerleading helped me to be confident, responsible, and most of all a team player. Those same key values that my coach instilled in me are the same key values I want to instill my girls.  I want to leave a lasting impression on each one of my cheerleaders, past and present, and always encourage them to be their best self.”  

Several scholars in 4th and 5th grades spoke about their experience being on the squad saying:

"Being a cheerleader is very fun. I love being a cheerleader because I like making people feel good and seeing people happy.  Being that this year was my 1st year being a cheerleader, I have got so many opportunities from performing at pep rally's, basketball games, and running bake sales.  My job as a cheerleader is to be a role model to others and to cheer others on." - Soleil Hall, Class 503

"I love Ms. Hargrove as my cheerleading coach.  Cheerleading helps me to be a better person and my coach and cheer mates are like another family to me." - Abigail Hardy, Class 403

"Cheerleading means having responsibilities, having fun, and having respect for myself and others. I joined cheerleading because I knew I wasn't going to just have fun, but I would also learn something new." - Charle Williams, Class 503

"I am the captain of the CPCS cheerleading squad. Being on the team for the past 2 years has helped me come out of my shell. Ms. Hargrove's coaching style is tough love, but I would not be this far without her.  When you cheer you express who you are, and that's what I love most about cheerleading. - Blessing Olidipo, Class 501

While athletics, teamwork, and confidence are a big part of being on the squad, academics are not forgotten. As Ms. Hargrove says, “My mottos as their coach are, ‘You’re a student before you’re a cheerleader,’  and ‘Books before Pom Poms.’ My goal as their coach is to create little ladies for our future and to cheer CPCS on to victory in anyway.”

Victory is a cheerleading program filled with Cheetah Pride that has been a benefit to CPCS scholars across the student body for several years. As Hargrove stated, “With each year, I want us to grow bigger and better. My Goal is to put CPCS cheerleaders on the map!”