Class Strengthens Their Learning through Real-life Experience

4th Grade Class 402 has utilized a real-life experience to reach across various content areas including Social Studies, Science, Math, ELA, and Art. Upon discussing natural disasters that could happen in the world, Class 402 looked deeper into the effects of Hurricane Harvey that were shown to be devastating for the state of Texas. They began to brainstorm what they could do to help those who have suffered from the storm, ultimately deciding to begin a “Pennies for Texas” campaign.  They used their artistic skills to collaborate and create campaign posters to display in hopes to get donations for the cause.

Scholars and teachers from the class brought in coins for a two-month period. Before counting up the total amount, the class used this opportunity to show their estimating skills, taking guesses on how much money they thought was in the donation jug. The teachers chose the two closest estimates and created a word problem that stretched the scholar’s knowledge to make them find out who actually had the closest estimate to the total amount.  

The total amount donated to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey was $57.69. The class also used their recent understanding of place values to determine that 5,769 ‘pennies’ were collected! Class 402 realized that “every penny counts” and are proud to have made a difference by collecting “Pennies for Texas.”

Thanks to Mrs. Gulotta and Ms. Ferrara for leading their scholars through this effort and STEAM learning experience.

Class 402 with Hurricane Harvey Donation to the American Red Cross

Class 402 with Hurricane Harvey Donation to the American Red Cross