Champ the Cheetah Heads Up Character Education at CPCS!

Modeling and teaching good character has been an important focus since the beginning for Challenge Prep under the leadership of Founder/CEO Dr. Mullings. The past several years, the school has taken part in Character Day, a global movement in schools and organizations to emphasize how important good character traits are for our personal and collective lives.

Starting with the 2017-18 academic year Challenge Prep took this focus one step further by developing Project Character, an ongoing series about character that is tailored specifically for our K-5 school site.

Champ the Cheetah has been living in the imaginations of Challenge Prep since the school was founded, but in September of 2017, he came to life in a new form as a puppet, and he is the official spokesperson for the positive messages we communicate to our scholars.

In addition to appearing in live presentations throughout the year, Champ is featured in digital and print resources that explore the traits of having a good character following the word of the month will be available to scholars and their families. 

Along with monthly videos, parents can download monthly home guides that provide activities and discussion points for families to reinforce concepts such as Responsibility, Citizenship, Forgiveness and Perseverance. Posters and other printed resources are already appearing in the halls and classrooms of CPCS.

Please the links to the left for more information, and stayed tuned to the school’s Facebook page and this site for the latest on Champ and Project Character!